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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    2014Chao-Lung Chiang,2014,Improved Immune Algorithm for Power Economic Dispatch Considering Units with Prohibited Operating Zones and Spinning Reserve,6,4,pp320-325 (EI),(Other)Chao-Lung Chiang
    20142014,Plant based on the principle of limitation of actions evoked rehabilitation treatment systems development,2(1),pp1-14 (Other)Shyi-Shiou Wu
    2014Hsin-Yi Wu,Guan-Yu Liu,Shyi-Shiou Wu,Sok-Wa Wan,2014,Development of Eye-Hand Coordination Training System,Journal of Nan Kai,11,1,pp31-37 (Other)Guan-Yu Liu
    20142014,12,2,pp1036-1044 (SCI)Chang-Wei Chai
    2014Chao-Lung Chiang,2014,Particle Swarm Optimization for Position Control of Induction Motor,International journal Advanced Materials Research,918,pp231-236 (EI)Chao-Lung Chiang
    20142014,Immune-based Algorithm for Power Economic Emission Dispatch,International journal Applied Mechanics and Materials,470,pp785-789 (EI)Chao-Lung Chiang
    20142014,2014:20,pp1-27 (SCI)Zenn-Tsuen Yu
    20142014,3,15,pp605-622 (SCI)Zenn-Tsuen Yu
    2014Liu, G.-Y., Chen, P.-W, Wu, S. –S., Wu. H.-Y.,Design of rehabilitation system based on constraint-induced movement therapy,Journal of Gerontechnology and Service Management,2,1,pp71-82 (Other)Guan-Yu Liu
    201428,12,pp1341-1356 (SCI)Wen-Jeng Liu
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