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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    2013Chao-Lung Chiang,2013,Artificial Immune Algorithm for Practical Power Economic Dispatch Problems,International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing, (EI),(Other)Chao-Lung Chiang
    20132013,391, (EI)Chun-Liang Chen
    2013Chao-Lung Chiang,2013,Immune-based Algorithm for Power Economic Emission Dispatch,International journal, (EI),(Other)Chao-Lung Chiang
    2013Chao-Lung Chiang,2013,Artificial Immune System for multiple-fuel-constrained generation scheduling,International journal Applied Mechanics and Materials,Vol.376,pp272- 275 (EI),(Other)Chao-Lung Chiang
    2013Liu, G.-Y., Wu, H.-Y., Wu, S.-S., Chen, C.-L., Chiu, M.-C., Teng, Y.-L.,2013,Design of Interactive Sound and Light Eye-Hand Coordination Training System,Journal of Gerontechnology and Service Management,1,1,pp35-48 (Other)Guan-Yu Liu
    2013Ming-Wei Hsu*, Man-Long Her, Wen Ko, and Yu-Lin Wang,2013,Design and Analysis of Dual-Mode Double-Ring Resonator for Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Applications,Applied Mechanics and Materials,321-324,pp376-382 (EI)Ming-Wei Hsu
    2013Chao-Lung Chiang,2013,Hybrid Differential Evolution for Power Economic Dispatch Problems Considering the incorporated cost Model,International journal,Vol.302,pp 782- 786 (EI),(Other)Chao-Lung Chiang
    2013Wen Ko, Man-Long Her, Yu-Lin Wang, and Ming-Wei Hsu*,2013,Dual-Band BPF Using Simple SIR Structure,Advanced Materials Research,655-657,pp1614-1618 (EI)Ming-Wei Hsu
    2013Ming-Wei Hsu*, Yu-Lin Wang, Wen Ko, and Man-Long Her,2013,Design and Analysis of Dual-Mode Double-Square Loop Resonator for Bandpass Filter Applications,Advanced Materials Research,655-657,pp1562-1565 (EI)Ming-Wei Hsu
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