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Entry Year2011
Paper typeConference papers
Paper levelOther
Paper title (chapter)Immune Algorithm for Solving Mixed Integer Optimization Problems
Conference starting time2011-12-02
Conference closing time2011-12-03
Year of publication2011
Name of author (Chinese)Chao-Lung Chiang
Name of author (English)Chao-Lung Chiang
AuthorsChia-An Wang and Chao-Lung Chiang
Number of authors2
Author's typeOther
Language usedEnglish
NoteProceedings of the 2011 National Computer Symposium(NCS 2011), Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Systems and U-learning(AFU), National Chai-Yi University, Chia-Yi, Taiwan, pp. 11- 17. 本文榮獲2011年全國計算機會議(NCS 2011), AFU最佳論文。(97M0015)
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