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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20022002,第十三期,pp77-91 (Other)Chang-Wei Chai
    20022002,pp35-39Pei-Wen Chen
    2001Chao-Lung Chiang,2001,應用改良型基因演算法求解混合整數非線性最佳規劃問題,Chao-Lung Chiang,第六期,pp1-9 (Other)Chao-Lung Chiang
    2001Ming-wei Hsu,2001,The selecting courses system with network for the electronic engineering,Journal of Nan Kai Industrial and Commercial College,pp79-89Ming-Wei Hsu
    2001H.-Y. Wu, S.-S. wu, Y.-I Chen, and Ming-wei hsu,2001,Multimedia computer exam system: design of online quizzes and assessment system. ,Journal of Nan Kai Industrial and Commercial College,pp23-43Ming-Wei Hsu
    20012001,43,pp987-999 (SCI)Zenn-Tsuen Yu
    20012001,129,pp171-183 (SCI)Zenn-Tsuen Yu
    20012001,第十二期,pp50-59 (Other)Chang-Wei Chai
    20012001,Vol.11,No.3,pp282-291 (TSSCI)Chang-Wei Chai
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